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We were in an awful class together; honestly, the worst literature course I’ve ever taken in my life. My retired KSU Lit Professor of an uncle, felt sorry for the book we were having to read. It was none other than the works of James Joyce, and trust me when I say, we all felt his pain!


Sandra was one of the few who was at class early, and she made her presence known with a joyful and confident personality. Sure enough, her joyful personality spread and left me with a new friend in class!  After a few weeks of class and idle chat, Sandra comes up to me before class was about to start.

Something along the lines of, “Anna, you seem smart and like you know a lot, I need your advice.” Nothing more intimidating than words like that coming from someone you only know so-so.

She dives into this epic testimony of personal circumstances I will choose not to dive into, but I will point out I’ve never experienced anything similar or knew anything about! But during our conversation, I thought to myself, “This girl is pouring out her life story so boldly, so beautifully, and so willing, and she hardly knows me! This girl is SO brave!” After sending a quick prayer to God, I responded, and to my relief, she liked the response.


Fast forward to another moment where we were sitting outside the class in our weeks of the course when Sandra asked, “Is that a Chi-Alpha shirt?” To which I nodded my head yes and asked her if she knew about it. To my surprise, she actually had already heard a bit about it, and she wanted to come try out a few events!


This combined with her vulnerability and mine, led to the start of a fun and unique friendship. Because I knew her love for the Lord through some of our pre-class conversations, I knew I had a bold question to ask her. Our discipleship ran deep that year, and to this day one of the most beautiful blessings I will have in my life, is watching Sandra in her growth in the Lord.


For several months, I was praying for someone to disciple through God’s wisdom-especially since someone who discipled me said she felt it was time I seriously step into God’s leadership abilities through discipleship of another.


Truly there are no words, but I will leave it as best as this:

Sandra is an answered prayer!


I will never forget how I ran to the boy I was dating-thankfully now my husband, practically in tears, jumping up and down for joy and excitement, because I felt in my gut that God was blessing me with Sandra to grow with. And after that, well for all of you who know, when we see each other the first thing we do is hug each other tightly, because God put two “random Jesus followers” together in a terrible class and built something beautiful.

Sandra, I love you, and I am so proud of the Godly, wise, creative woman you are continuing to grow into. You will do amazing things, and I can’t wait to watch it all unfold. Congrats on getting out!


Anna LeRoy



Dear Sandra,


It’s been such a strange ending to a great year, but I’m so thankful for the time we’ve spent together in person and in video calls!


You’re so uniquely beautiful and I’m so happy we both found ourselves in the melting pot that is Chi Alpha. I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone with the same combination of genuineness, vulnerability, joyfulness, and love that you have. Your presence in a room makes a difference.


You’re uplifting and youthful. I love seeing the way you play with Avery and Judah, connecting with them through the love and care you show them. But I also love your genuine curiosity towards God and your desire to understand Him more. It’s really beautiful – and it’s a quality that I think God smiles at.


I’m thankful to have been part of your time at Tech, and I’m so looking forward to seeing what God has for you next, because I know it’s going to be great. So proud of you Sandra – congratulations!


Love always,


Jessica Pattassery


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